About Us

Our Table for Two: Creating space for mindful conversations is a lifestyle blog chronicling two (almost) millennials through our first years of marriage.  We’ll focus primarily on our debt repayment story and how we’re “meshing” as a couple. I’m super excited to take this journey with you. My husband and I are super different people, but this love child has been a way for us to bond and figure out some really important things. Like money, and routine, and who does what chores. I’m excited to share our journey with you. 

A little about me:

I’m Moriah Joy, co-founder of Table for Two, the blog my husband and I started to share our debt repayment journey, explore the concept of minimalism in marriage, and the inner-workings of marriage toward more fit minds, bodies, and souls. Before starting it, I graduated magna cum laude from William Jessup University with a Bachelors in English, emphasis in Professional Writing, and half a math minor.  Junior year, I studied abroad at Oxford and was awarded the De Jager award for academic excellence in writing and research. During that same semester, William Jessup University chose my essay on Macbeth as a recipient of the Good Words Award for strong analysis.  Fun fact, I flew home from Europe early and missed the presentation ceremony to surprise my husband at his graduation instead. Best choice I’ve ever made.

Boring academic credentials aside, I’ve been published in several Creative Communications Anthologies and worked as the Productions Editor at Metonym Journal.  Currently, I work as an Education Specialist at Education Enrichment Services, and recently I scored an internship at She Speaks Stories (a really cool podcast, y’all should check it out!).

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Twitter: @morjoysol2615

Facebook: Moriah Joy

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