One month. One Change.

One month. One change. January/February

For an overview of one month. one change. kitchen edition., here is my original post. It’ll give you an overview of each of the months. And if you have a go-to recipe place you love, please post in the comments!


We owned no pots. I learned. Well, we owned one pot and one pan. And a cast iron. And we’ve been slowly accumulating them. We also need more storage jars to keep the leftovers. I bought some reusable Ziploc bags and mason jars are on our to get list. But we’re doing okay for now. I’m trying to invest in better quality products because a) not throwing away plastic is always good and b) better quality items tend to last longer, even though they’re expensive.

Over Christmas, Bestemor gave us an instant pot (wooo!) and the hubby’s family gave us some really nice baking dishes. So on that front, we’re good. Although, I’ve been a little scared to touch the instant pot. It’s a bit intimidating.

I have a friend who has one though. And we’re going to do an instant pot cooking day. That way we can explore the machines together. And I don’t have bug eyes staring at it. I do think it’s going to be a super helpful addition to our kitchen, and once I get over myself, I’m sure I’ll love it.


We’re halfway through this month. I originally thought that I was going to get through a different recipe every day of the week and eat leftovers on the weekends. Cue hysterical laughter. We do NOT eat that much food. We’ve made four different crockpot recipes and three crockpot recipes because I’m not always up early enough to throw everything into the pot.

That’s been my biggest challenge, honestly. I’m much better cooking in the evening, and the idea of waking up earlier in the morning for food hasn’t been the most exciting. I’m working on putting it in the pot the night before and turning it on in the morning. I haven’t succeeded at that yet, but it WILL HAPPEN!

Recipe One: Basic Chicken Soup

This one was a staple in my house. So I didn’t need a recipe. You just take all of the random soup ingredients you have in your house and throw them in the pot. I had leftover chicken, celery, carrots, potatoes, and onion. It was a little bland because I had water instead of chicken broth, but it was good and lasted us FOREVER.


Recipe Two: Chicken Parmesan

This recipe was courtesy of Calm ‘n Cents, if you haven’t checked out their blog, you should, it’s lovely. And I loved, loved, LOVED it. We’ll have to make a few adjustments next time. I bought chicken quarters because they were on sale, but I didn’t debone them before cooking them. BAD IDEA! And we used too much sauce. But all in all, fabulous recipe and I’ve put it in my arsenal.

Recipe Three: Vegan Chili

This was a fail. What was supposed to be a delicious fasting food turned into what we unaffectionately call Cumin Water. I’m not really sure what went wrong, except that it did. We salvaged it though by adding rice and potatoes and eating it the next day. It was decent after we changed it, but it meant that we needed a non-crockpot, fasting friendly food.

Recipe Four: Tuna and Noodles

I’m pretty proud of this recipe because we spent forever thinking of what to eat, and it turned out decently. We took a bunch of our fresh spices, garlic, onions and our seasoned shell/spaghetti noodles before adding tuna and topping it with parmesan cheese, which isn’t strictly a fasting food, but we’d already had one failed recipe, I didn’t want to tempt fate with two.

This taught us that we should probably be more prepared with back-up fasting foods, and now I’m going to be freezing a serving or two every meal so that if disaster strikes, we’re more prepared. To this end, we bought a number of Anchor containers we’ll be using a lot.

Recipe Five: South of the Border Chicken Soup

This soup was amazing. And we finally got ahead of the power curve and freeze some of the leftovers. Next time we want to add more veggies because the recipe didn’t call for enough. It was a very good “base” soup that I can definitely see us making a lot. One to put in the recipe book for sure. 🙂

Recipe Six: Chicken and Mushrooms

This I made on a day I totally spaced about crockpots, and it turned out pretty good. I seasoned chicken, cut up mushrooms, added some dry red wine, and 45 minutes later, we had dinner. We also had some fruit to go with it, because, ya know, balance. And I stuck the leftovers back into the fridge.


I’ve really been enjoying cooking. Our grocery bill has gone up considerably, so next month (potatoes) we’re going to work on ways we can be lowering it while still experimenting with food. Some of the recipes have been disasters. Others have gone well, and we’ve added those to our arsenal of food. My goal is to have a go-to cookbook by the end of the year. And we’ve got a start to that!


  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    We are doing a good job in the kitchen these days but it DEFINITELY did not translate to a lower grocery bill for us like it did for friends who had a lot of treats to cut out. I know it’s worth it but I sure did hope we’d see some savings. 🙂

    • Moriah Joy

      Ugh, same. I’m happy that we always have left overs and I’m not scrounging around for food to take to work, and that we’re not eating out as much, but we’re spending a good $100 more than we did previously. And that’s rough. I need to figure out how to cut it down some, haha. ^_^

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