Net Worth

February Net Worth

I decided to start tracking our net worth because I want to keep better track of where we are financially, and especially since we’re trying to hit zero day by September, tracking it carefully will, a) allow us to get there, and b) potentially give us an incentive to get there faster.

Loans. Total: -24,728.62 Last Month:  -25,963.23

Total difference: +1,234.61

I was really hoping that the positive net gain would be 1,234.56 because how cool would that be… but I was pennies off. Overall, HUGE improvement. I’m hoping to get rid of these as quickly as possible, because ya know, they suck!

401k. Total: +4,843.78. Last Month: +4,102.14

Total Difference: +741.64

WOW! I actually didn’t know we were contributing so much (and yes, some of this is market gains… but we don’t have a big enough 401k for it to REALLY make a difference). That’s a huge (and happy) eye opener. His company contributes 3% which is also really nice. It ends up being an extra $80 a month. Woo.

Second happy note, I set up my 401k this month, and so we’re about to have two 15% 401ks. Let’s go get that net worth!!

E-fund. Total: +5,800.00. Last Month: +5,800.00

Total difference: 0.

This is depressing. And part of the reason I want to do this. We actually put in 300 at the beginning of the month, but because life happened, it came out again. I’m considering opening an Ally account and keeping the $5,800 in our bank for emergencies, but growing a second emergency fund that’s a little harder to get to. And has more of a “once the money’s gone it’s gone” feel to it. To keep from this happening again.

Adventure Fund. Total: +$932.00. Last Month: Total: +$932.00

Total difference: 0.

Since I didn’t tutor much, this number didn’t change. A lot of my kids are in basketball. And so they don’t have as much time to meet with me. Thankfully, this is fun money, and so it doesn’t kill me that it hasn’t changed. It’d be nice to finally break the 1,000 mark, but I’m pretty confident that will happen last month.

Other Random Cash. Total: +1,368.91. Last Month: +1473.16

Total Difference: -104.25

This is all the money that’s in our checking and savings accounts, so it’s going to fluctuate and the fact that it’s not perfectly at the same amount as the previous one just has to do with where we are in the pay cycle and when we last bought gas. Haha. It’s the money we set aside for rent and PG&E, too, so it’s not “really” part of our worth, but we save that much every time…  so I need to include it in the monthly net worth post.

So How’d We Do?

Overall Assets: +12,944.69. Last month: +12,307.30

Total Difference: +637.69

Overall Debts: -24,728.62. Last Month: -25,963.23

Total difference: +1,234.61

Overall Total: -11,783.93. Last Month: -13,655.93

Total Difference: +1,872.00

Woooo!! That’s a huge jump in the positive direction! If we’re able to pull that off in the upcoming months (still TBH because of the 401k changing our budget), then we’ll hit zero day in August, a whole month earlier than I wanted! The progress is amazing. Obviously, not every month is going to be like this, and March is going to be the first month where I have a 401k, and so I’m not sure how that will affect our other saving. All in all though, it was a very productive month.


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