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Favorite Tradition in 2018: Junk Food Day

Over the last seven months or so, our marriage has taken on some particular flavors. Something that makes us, us. Over the next few weeks, as we approach the end of the year, join me as I look back at some of my favorite traditions we’ve established together. Let’s start with my most favorite: Junk Food Day!

This sounds a little antithetical to my personality. I mean, I’m a fitness buff, we “play” tennis for fun. “Play” simply because it mostly means we serve the ball towards one another and get excited if we get over the net a few times in a row.  I’ll walk just about anywhere. But fitness, along with everything else, must maintain balance. Insert junk food day, which is really just pizza and a movie.

It started early on in our marriage, probably May or so, when I looked at him and said, “I’m not eating anything until we eat pizza.” Thus, junk food day was born. We went to Little Ceasar’s, because ya know, $5 pizzas are the best pizza. Next we traveled to the grocery store to buy ice cream, soda, and chips. And then we headed home where we cozied up to one of our library movies. I think we were still in the early Marvel movies. It was the perfect Sunday.

And then it kind of evolved from there. Roughly once a month, one of us declares Junk Food Day. It happens to coincide with Sundays when we’re driving home from church and no one wants to cook. Then, we hit Winco and Little Ceasar’s and then hope there’s a library movie waiting for us at home. Otherwise, it’s an hour of scrolling through Netflix for something that we might agree on, and then settling on Grey’s Anatomy instead.

We’ve seen a lot of movies this way. When we got married, I hadn’t seen the Marvel collection, so we spent the first three months catching me up on those so that when Ant Man and the Wasp came out, I’d know what the heck was going on. We watched The Hunger Games, which I hadn’t seen before, and now we’re working through Harry Potter, which I have seen before, but not recently enough.

It’s a cheap date, if we just get pizza, it comes out to like $6, and with drinks, ice cream, and chips it’s $12. And library plug: they’re amazing and have so much mixed media selections. Audiobooks, movies, TV shows, video games. Like if you want it, they have it, and it’s FREE! Every frugal person needs access to this amazing, AMAZING institution. We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of the system this year, and plan to do the same in the coming years. Going into 2019, Junk Food Day! will stay a staple in our household, just like the library is!

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