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Why Did I Just Spend $100 on a Whim?

Because fitness, that’s why.

I bought a Fitbit. Back up, I’ve been wanting one for years. I’ll admit that their step counting is not always accurate. According to my gadget this morning, I walked 300 steps while driving to work this morning. However, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. It’s only a matter of time before I actually pulled the trigger.

But why now? Well, an office job severely limits my movement. Even when I was working with kids, I’d be walking at least 10 minutes every few hours, either with a break between clients or during session to get snacks or stretch our legs or whatever. But this, this is not that. And I love my job, but I also miss being that active. The Fitbit helps me remember to move and to track my movement.

How did we finance? With a budget as tight as ours is, making a splurge purchase like this is hard to reconcile. However, with my full-time job, I have a consistent paycheck to rely on, and I wanted to make one fun purchase before my side hustle money went to repay our emergency fund. So I took that week’s tutoring money and bought a Fitbit, headphones for work, and a coffee. The rest is put aside so I can buy the hubby one.  With his shift in work, he also needs to be more conscious of his movement, and Fitbit has a cool interactive “team” function now, so we can challenge each other.

Sale. Sale. Sale. I also bought a Charge 2, instead of the greatest, latest edition. This meant that I got it on clearances at 30% off. Hopefully, when I get the hubby’s, it’ll be slightly more on sale, but if not. That’s not the worst clearance deal in the world.

The Charge is great, and I’m overall happy with my purchase, and after we buy his, it’s back to the grind of student loan repayment. I just wanted something to celebrate this momentous occasion, and something that I use every day is worth that price.

Have you ever splurged to celebrate an achievement?



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